we take the "dis" out of disability

Cortney's Place thrives on creating an environment that allows our students to celebrate their abilities. A place where they can try new things, grow in their own skin and be acknowledged for who they are- INSPIRING PEOPLE. 

Cortney's Place was founded in 2007 by Cindy and Jim Carpenter as Cortney's Foundation.
 February 2009: We moved into a new space allowing us to serve more adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities [IDD].
July 2011: We changed our name from Cortney's Foundation to Cortney's Place - a move that we felt better served our vision of creating opportunities for adults with IDD.
September 2012: We expanded our center by 2,500 feet to 5,800 feet creating a more inclusive, innovative and adaptive space for 50 students to participate in our programs.
August 2017: We celebrated 10 years of service to a population of individuals we not only know will change the world but change our lives every day. 
May 2018: After months of planning, Cortney's Place received approval from the Department of Developmental Disabilities to become a qualified vendor operating under our own license. With this approval and certification, our program enters a new chapter in our history, launching Cortney's Place 2.0.