We provide programming that focuses on areas that create the most inclusive, innovative and positive environment for our students. 

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music therapy 

On a weekly basis individuals enjoy listening, singing and playing instruments. Music helps promote socialization, communication, memorization, cognitive function, self expression and motor skills. 


Hydro therapy 

Our students visit a pool and work one-on-one with a hydro-therapist. The water limits stress on joints and reduces pain, muscle tightness and spasms. It increases mobility, greatly helping with muscle tone, lung capacity, flexibility and overall wellness.


pet therapy 

Specially trained dogs visit the program to work with individuals who like to interact with pets. Physical contact can help lower blood pressure and provide stress relief. The interaction also promotes gentleness, caring and safety with pets.


health and wellness

Daily, our students take part in exercise activities to promote fitness. Depending on the individual’s disability, we use fitness videos, the treadmill, personal instruction and group workouts to help maintain and create awarenss about health and wellness with our students. 

art class

art classes

Art is a special way to communicate for those in our care. Art sessions develop an individual’s unique abilities and allow them a way to express themselves. Art techniques include drawing, mosaics, painting and more. These sessions help build fine motor skills, increase attention span, promote problem solving and provide an opportunity to make choices.

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community-based outings 

Our program is community focused and we provide daily opportunities for individuals to see and explore the world around us. Participants engage with the community through social events, plays, musicals, sporting events, museums, shopping and more.


life skills

Each day, our students have the opportunity to participate in life skill such as gardening, personal care and hygiene, safety awareness, money management skills and more.

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snoezelen room

Our Snoezelen Room is filled with sights, sounds, textures and aromas used to stimulate, calm or energize. The experience is safe, non-threatening and proven to be effective for people diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, mood disturbances and sensory deprivation.

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technology classes

Our SMART Boards® are touch sensitive screens connected to a computer, using the interactive white boards provides a “hands on” learning approach utilizing sounds, touch, animation and video recordings. These classes open doors for our students to educate themselves and learn more about the fast paced world of technology.